Skin Micrograft – Leucoderma

Skin Micrograft - Leucoderma

Skin Micrograft - Leucoderma


Leukoderma / Vitiligo

Leucoderma or Vitiligo tends to be a misunderstood disease. Here’s more on what causes it, its symptoms and the treatment for it.

What is Leukoderma or Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a disease in which the skin loses pigment due to the destruction of melanocytes or pigment cells i.e. areas of the skin become white.

Who gets Leukoderma?

Leucoderma affects at least 1-2% of the world’s population; both males and females are equally affected. The age of onset can be from birth to old age; however, it is most common in individuals between the ages of 15-30. Nearly 20 percent of cases are genetic. Even though most people with vitiligo tend to be in good health, they face a greater risk of having thyroid problems, anaemia, and alopecia.

Both predisposing (genetic) and precipitating (environmental) factors contribute to vitiligo. Many patients attribute the onset of their vitiligo to physical trauma, illness, or emotional stress. Onset following the death of a relative or after severe physical injury is often mentioned. Even sunburn reaction may precipitate vitiligo.

What is the course of the disease?

Leukoderma is notorious for its erratic behaviour. The course varies from person to person and in the same individual from time to time. Spontaneous re-pigmentation is rare.

Is this disease contagious?

No! Leukoderma is not contagious i.e. it cannot spread by touching someone or even by handling personal belongings or food.

Can Vitiligo / Leukoderma be treated?


This disease can be treated with the following treatment option:

  • a) Photo chemotherapy (PUVA) or vitiligo micro punch skin grafting.
  • b) Melanocyte / pigment culturing. All parts of the body can be treated; Even the sensitive areas like eyelids, lips, fingers and joints can be treated without any scars.

Contact Dr. Bhatia to consult further.

Kamal RajaliKamal Rajali
16:41 24 Feb 23
I have concerned many doctors for my hair fall issue, but the solution I got when I met Mr. Dr Satish Bhatia. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for all your efforts to get me the best results.
satyaprakash upadhyaysatyaprakash upadhyay
14:06 15 Feb 23
Dr. Satish Bhatia is the best dermatologist I have come across.... Highly recommended for all the people.....In one seating we get a proper line of action and effective results in minimum sessions.....Do visit here.....
Aryan JadhavAryan Jadhav
18:07 23 Jan 23
Thank you so much Dr Satish Bhatia for prescribing me the accurate medicines. Just made my face skin absolutely clear and glowing. I'm so satisfied with the results. Dr. Satish Bhatia is the only recommend best skin doctor around the world
Utsav DalmiaUtsav Dalmia
12:07 12 Dec 22
I had severe Lachen Planus for the last 1 year and I got to know about Satish Sir. Thanks to him, his treatment has been really very smooth and effective so far. The medicines prescribed by him has worked apparently and I am looking forward to cure my disease very soon. More importantly, his behaviour is really kind and he listens to us patiently.
kavita singhkavita singh
05:08 14 Sep 21
One of the most honest dermatologists I have ever met. He does not prescribe expensive and unnecessary medications and unnecessary blood test like some other dermatologist do , we need more dermatologists like him in Mumbai

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Dr. Satish Bhatia is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Cutaneous Surgeon. With over 21 years of comprehensive experience, Dr. Bhatia is one of the foremost authorities in Dermatology.

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